Leschi, painting of

Leschi, engraving of, ca 1852

Snoqualmie Cheif Patkanim ca 1855

Yelm Jim ca 1890

Survivors of the Puget Sound Indian War posed under trees, including Bill Quismuth [Quiemuth], Luke (Leschi's Lt. In Indian War), Unidentified man, George Leschi [son of Quiemuth, Leschi's brother], Yelm Jim [Wa-he-lut]

Dr. William Fraser Tolmie, Hudson's Bay Co., Fort Nisqually. ca 1880

Governor Issac I. Stevens

Colonel Silas Casey

Civil War portrait of General Silas Casey

Civil War portrait of General Silas Casey

Colonel George Wright

Major Robert Garnett

Lt. and Mrs. William A. Slaughter1852

Lt. August V. Kautz ca 1855-1865. Rank of General at time of photograph

August V. Kautz portrait by Matthew Brady

August V. Kautz from the National Archives

Captain George Pickett


Map of Thurston County 1852

Fort Nisqually, sketch of

Fort Nisqually, drawing of

Fort Nisqually, painting of

Fort Nisqually seen from the northwest showing the blockhouse, Washington, ca. 1885. Caption on mount: Fort Nisqually Blockhouse, at Steilacoom, Washington, southwest of Tacoma, as it appeared in the 1880's when it was an important link in the pioneers' defenses against the Indians.

Fort Nisqually, Washington, ca. 1940

Factor's house, Fort Nisqually, built in 1854 by Dr. William F. Tolmie, Hudson's Bay Co. ca 1875

Factor's House, Fort Nisqually, Washington, n.d.

Factor's House, Fort Nisqually, Washington, n.d. On verso of image: Factor's House from old Fort Nisqually, now preserved at Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington

New Granary at Fort Nisqually (Ezra Meeker in doorway), Washington, ca. 1900

New Granary at Fort Nisqually, Hudson's Bay Co. post. Built in 1850, photo ca 1920

Early structure at Fort Nisqually, Washington, ca. 1870. On verso of image: First building, Fort Nisqually. This picture shows the first building at the present location of Fort Nisqually. It was a residence erected by the Hudson Bay Company in 1843.

Old Fort Lake, vicinity of Fort Nisqually, Washington, ca. 1888

Map of reservations, U.S. Census Office, 11th Census, 1890

Yelm Jim's house and fish trap, Puyallup Indian Reservation, Washington, 1885