Sunday, August 1, 1858. Considerable rain fell last night and there were slight showers during the day. Hadley and Heatherly started off this morning with their Sheep. They go by the way of the Fort and I, myself, went to the Fort. Took in Yam Hill and Yelmor to brinag out the reaper. Barr was in to the Fort with the ox team for salt, etc.

Monday, August 2, 1858. Fine weather. I was at the Fort today. Cut some oats with the reaper which machine works admirably. Dr. Tolmie purchased ten head of large work oxen at eleven cents per pound.

Tuesday, August 3, 1858. Fine weather. Came out from the Fort with the reaper. Barr, with a yoke of the newly purchased oxen brought out a load of necessaries. I sent our old oxen and four of the new purchases to Kul-kul-eh. One yoke was kept at the Fort. Dr. Tolmie was here today. I heard from Greig. The cattle are all right at Molock Farm, the hands here were employed repairing wagons and cleaning out barns. A. Wallace is riding wild horses. One of the Leicester ewes was killed by a dog.

Monday, August 9, 1858. It was raining hard all day. On Wednesday last the weather was fine. We went with the reaper, myself, Legg and wife, Kalama, Kehova and wives and several other Indians, all harvest hands and commenced cutting oats at Kul-kul-eh, but did not do much in consequence of not knowing how to manage the reaper.

Thursday, there were slight showers. We finished at Kul-kul-eh and started all hands at Sastic. I went myself to the Fort. Ross and Wallace start tomorrow to hunt six head of cattle missing from Ashland.

Friday, it was raining hard all day. I went myself this afternoon to Sastuc. Saturday was cloudy but no rain. The hands at Sastuc were employed in the forenoon roofing Cooper's new house. We fetched five hundred feet of lumber from Byrd's Mill for flooring same. About three o'clock p.m. we commenced cutting oats with the reaper. We cut six acres by six p.m.

The hands with the reaper start tomorrow for Muck. I have directed Cooper to procure a cradle from Steilacoom and cut the remainder of the Sastuc crop himself, his son William and an Indian boy to bind. I myself went to Molock Farm, Muck and to the Fort.

This day, Monday, August 9, 1858 it was raining until twelve a.m. and night. The hands here were employed cutting timothy for seed and pulling ripe peas. I moved Barr to the Spanaway new house, where he is to herd the Molock Farm wethers, and moved Greig to Molock farm. He is to occupy the unfinished house purchased from Morrison. Legg and the wagon moved Barr and Greig. Simon with the ox wagon hauled out a park (for sheep) at Spanaway House. I went myself to Spanaway and Molock House. The cattle are all right.

Young and Greig have now five fine riding horses for their cattle herding. The crops are very ripe and this incessant wet weather is doing a great deal of harm. The potato crop is doing well. Ross found two of the missing cattle. 

Tuesday, August 10, 1858. The forenoon was showery and the afternoon looks like fine weather. Legg and Jack ploughed and sowed with cole seed about three quarters of an acre of manured land. The harvest women were thinning turnips and weeding. The Kanakas made a grain frame for the horse wagon and commenced fixing up the log house (I intended for a hen house) as a meat and tool shed. The Kanakas will reside in the present store, it having a chimney. Simon and A. Wallace with the oxen moved the sheep park and hauled cart took rations(Meat) and fire logs. Picayune with the salt to Molock farm.

Wednesday, August 11, 1858. The forenoon was showery. The afternoon was fine. The hands in the forenoon were variously employed. In the afternoon we commenced cutting and binding weat. This evening I went to the Fort to get something needed for the repair of the reaper.

Thursday, August 12, 1858. Fine weather. Came out this morning. Brought four hands, Mr. Spencer included, to assist at harvest. In the forenoon the hands were pulling peas. In the afternoon we commenced cutting the weat and oats with the reaper. We worked until sundown.

Friday, August 13, 1858. It was fine harvest weather. The hands were all employed in harvesting. We were at work from daylight to dark cutting oats this morning, weat in the afternoon, in all we cut thirteen acres. The reaping machine works well.

Saturday, August 14, 1858. Very warm weather. We were employed all day cutting and binding grain. I went to the fort this evening. Simon took around rations with the ox wagon.

Sunday, August 15, 1858. Fine weather, I came out this evening.

Monday, August 16, 1858. It was hot weather. We were hard at work from Sunrise to set, cutting and binding oats. The oat crop does not prove so good. As suspected a good deal is choked with sorrel. Took on an Indian boy, Tomick. The hands employed at harvest are Mr. Spencer, Legg, Lagace, Jr. Kalama, Kehova, Kuphain, Couri, Bill Walters, Simon Jack, Picayune, MacLeod, and a gang of six squaws.

Tuesday, August 17, 1858. It was fine weather. We were cutting and binding weat and oats at this place until mid day, then I started all hands to Molock house. P. Lagace was left in charge at Muck. Sent Simon with the ox team and wagon to do the hauling at the Fort.

Saturday, August 21, 1858. The weather has been fine since Tuesday. I returned from Molock House this morning, having harvested all there except the oats purchased from Morrison, they being yet in an unripe state. We broke the crank of the reaper at Molock house and lost the use of it one day in consequence. The hands, when the reaper was not at work were cutting with sickles. 

I myself went to Steilacoom and got a new crank. The reaper at work here this afternoon cutting weat. The crop at Molock house is pretty good. Simon brought out 2,220 pounds of flour and 1,440 pounds of flour . I saw Barr the other day at Spanaway. The sheep are doing well. I went to Sastuc yesterday. Cooper is cradling the weat there. The crop is not turning out according to expectations. Simon brought around the South West Station's rations with the team. 

Alick took the Spanway and Molock rations yesterday with the horse cart. The cattle at Molock House are all right.

Sunday, August 22, 1858. It commenced raining last evening about eight p.m. with a great deal of lightning and a little thunder. It was cloudy all this day and commenced raining about eight this evening. I came out myself this evening from the Fort. The Sastuc band of ewes and lambs are in. I intend separating the lambs tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 1858. It was raining hard all day. We finished with the Sastuc sheep and sent them away. We found a good many of the lambs missing, the ewes were all right. The hands were employed in repairing wagons, digging potatoes and various other jobs. Sent Lagace to Steilacoom to have Yam Hill shod. Yelmor's foot is still bad, but is mending fast. I sent the ewe lambs from the Sastuc band to join with the ewe lambs at the Fort.

Tuesday, August 24, 1858. It was raining hard all last night and showery this forenoon. The afternoon and evening looks like a change of weather. In the forenoon the hands were employed in repairing wagons, making a park in front of the stable, hauling fire logs, etc. In the afternoon all hands (wagon repairers excepted) were employed reshocking grain, which has been soaked with wet by the late great rain. I sent the cart to the Fort with a load of turnips for transplanting. Couri was at work here today.

Wednesday, August 25, 1858. There was no rain last night and it was fine all day. I sent Couri and Kehova to Molock House to set up the oat sheves The hands here finished cutting the oats and weat with a sickle and used the reaper part of the day. All the grain on the place is now cut.

Thursday, August 26, 1858. It was foggy all forenoon and the afternoon was fine. All hands were employed opening sheaves. We finished half past of noon. In the afternoon I sent Mr. Spencer and four hands to open the grain at Molock farm, the late heavy rains have injured the cut grain. Ross started today to hunt up some missing cattle supposed to be in or about the Grand prairie, they are missing from Ashland.

Old McLeod is sick at Tu-chat-chee. I took on the Indian Swiqlroot to herd in his place. McLeod has nearly 1200 wether lambs and it will take three men to herd them properly.

Friday, August 27, 1858. The weather was the same as yesterday. All the hands were busy rebinding the grain. I intend carrying on into the night. Simon went with the ox wagon to the Fort and brought out a load of beef, 773 pounds, salt and fresh. Sent Parrish Lagace to the Fort with six ewes from Ashland.

Saturday, August 28, 1858. It was fine all last night. Today it was windy and looking rain like. All hands worked all last night and today until twelve o'clock this night hauling grain. Got in all the weat (fifty-six wagon loads) and part of the oats. Mr. Spencer and hands returned from Molock Farm having finished untieing the grain there. Lagace took rations around.

Sunday, August 29, 1858. Fine weather. Went to the Fort by way of Tu-chat-chee.

Monday, August 30, 1858. Fine. Sent Mr. Spencer and all hands to tie grain at Molock farm. Employed in hauling it here. Had everything in by eight p.m. I intend starting two wagons to haul out at Molock farm tomorrow and take the reaper to Siluhogwas. The weat here is very ripe.


Saturday, September 4, 1858. It was fine weather all this week. Myself with the hands have been employed cutting and hauling in the crop at Siluhogwas and Ashland. The weat crop at Siluhocjwas is very good, the oat crop at Ashland is very poor indeed. We broke the reaper at Ashland, but not seriously. All hands returning to Muck this evening. Mr.Spencer and the hands returned from Molock house this evening having finished harvesting there. I went this evening to the Fort accompanied by Mr. Spencer.

On Tuesday I picked out twenty-five first rate Leicester ewes and put them in a field with the English Leicester ram, also twentysix South Down ewes with the English Sussex Down ram.

Saturday, September 11, 1858. It was fine weather all this week. Myself, Legg and Greig have been since Tuesday attending court as witnesses in the wages suit of Dean against the Puget Sound Agricultural Company. The suit did not come off and is to be tried on Monday next. We all have to go up again. The Hands on Monday went to Sastuc and sheaved up the grain there.

On Wednesday all hands had a holiday, the harvest being over. The hands here have been getting very drunk, having been supplied with liquor from C. Wren. Kalama has severely beaten the Indian boy, Taniah, Kalama and Kuphau have left. Barr has been drinking hard and neglecting his duty at Spanaway. I have had to remove him and have put old McLeod in his place, and have given the Tu-chat-chee band in charge of the Indians Seurigtroot and Tikakynum. Ross found the four missing cattle from Ashland and drove them to the Fort. The Indian boy Wallace has been doing duty for Greig at Molock House. I am taking a ride around the stations today and return to the Fort this evening.

Barr is now employed at Muck. Gave the harvest Indians orders on the Fort for payment.

Saturday evening. I have just returned from Molock house. The cattle are all right there. Young goes to Olympia on Monday to testify against Dean. Kehova takes his place until he returns. The weather since the 11th of September has been unusually wet.


Tuesday, October 26, 1858. It has been raining hard nearly all day. I have been since September 11th at the Fort, Doctor Tolmie being absent on a trip to Victoria part of the time. I also have been to Victoria on Company business. P. Lagace has been in charge here till within this last two weeks and Mr. Spencer from then until now. I am compelled to removed P. Lagace, Junior, to the Fort on account of his bad conduct. But little work has been done during my absence. Nearly all hands having been employed in working out the Company's road tax at Steilacoom and Squally bottom.

Have commenced taking up the potatoes here, about fifty are up and pitted. Murdock McLeod is afflicted with a crazy fit is here harmlessly. Re engaged Kalama and put him in McLeods place with the sheep at Spanaway. The Kanaka is herding sheep at Sastuc. The cattle at Ashland are all right. At Molock House, three are missing. Couri has built a new log dwelling house at Siluhogwas farm. 

The hands are employed here at present. Legg and Barr, Rabasca, Simon and A. Wallace on the Farm, George Daniel's and boy Seblondi are shepherds. Sam Arioha cook. Alick kitchen boy. The hands today were employed in putting up a park in front of the new stables.

Alick went to the Fort with the cart and brought oat flour and beef. Daniel's sheep are gone to the Fort to be tobacco dipped.

Wednesday, October 27, 1858. It was a frosty morning, but fine all day. The hands were employed in raising potatoes. Ross has been here this last two days, and has been hunting for three oxen astray from Molock farm. He found and drove one here, drove in a band of wild horses. A. Wallace came out from the Fort to stay here.

Thursday, October 28, 1858. It was fine all day but in the evening it commenced raining. Seff took two horses (Yamhill and Yelmor) to Steilacoom and had them shod. Barr was hauling firewood. The remaining hands were raising potatoes. Ross brought two yoke of fresh work cattle from the fort to use here. Daniel's sheep returned from the Fort after having been dipped. Ordered into the Fort the Squally Lake band of ewes.

Friday, October 29, 1858. Showery, windy weather. Legg took a load of cabbages to the Fort and brought out a load of salt. Rabasca is hauling straw from the barn to the stable. Barr and Greig are winnowing oats. Simon and A. Wallace and Kin-ouh-yorn-lukan butchered an ox and were variously employed. Ross drove in a band of horses and assisted at work about the farm. I went myself to Molock house. Killed one of the Molock house oxen.

Saturday, October 30, 1858. Fine weather all day. Sent around the weekly rations to all the stations. Hands employed in moving the sheep park, digging picket holes for a park in front of the stables and breaking a wild horse using the machine. Ross and A. Wallace brought fifty head of Cattle from Molock House and took them to Ashland. A. Wallace is to stay and assist Lagace to herd at Ashland. Murdock McLeod is improving slowly.

Sunday, October 31, 1858. Fine.


Monday, November 1, 1858. Gloomy, no rain. The hands were employed raising potatoes, breaking horses to the cart and ploughing. Ordered the Squally Lake flock of ewes to go to the Fort today for Tobacco dipping.

Tuesday, November 2, 1858. Fine. The hands were employed the same as yesterday. Myself and Ross went to Molock House and brought away seventy-five head of cattle which I have been instructed to give in charge of Ross at Kul-kul-eh. A number of head are to remain now at Molock house and are in charge of Young. I have received orders to removed Greig to this place. The rams and wethers are here tonight from Spanaway. They are going to the Fort tomorrow to be dipped.

Wednesday, November 3, 1858. Fine. Rebranded the cattle brought from Molock house and sent them to Kul-kul-eh. The hands were employed digging potatoes. Legg fetched Greig and his family from Molock house to this place. Rabasca has gone to the Fort with the Horse cart and brought out a load of necessaries. Went myself to Tu-chat-chee, Ashland, and Kul-kul-eh.

Thursday, November 4, 1858. The forenoon was raining, the afternoon was fine. Sent rams and wether band to the Fort to be dipped. Moved Kalama from Spanaway to Molock House. The ram and wether band are to fold at Molock House. Pulled down the house bought from Morrison and hauled part of the lumber here. Left boards to floor barn and house for the shepherds at Molock farm. I had the gang digging potatoes, sent Simon to the Fort with the rams and set Kalama fixing up the house at Molock house.

Barr and Rabasca with three yoke of cattle and the wagon here hauling lumber from Molock Farm (the Morrison house). I went myself to Spanaway and Molock House. Spanaway is to be deserted for the present.

Wednesday, November 10, 1858. It was raining hard nearly all day. In the forenoon the hands were fixing for thrashing. After noon we commenced thrashing oats. The machine works well. Got out two milch cows from the Fort. The gang moved the sheep parks and assisted at thrashing . The hands employed were Legg, Barr, Keaveahaccow, Couri, Rabasca, Simon and Jack.

Thursday, November 11, 1858. Gloomy. Went to the Fort this morning to assist at loading the steamer Beaver which arrived at Nisqually last night. Killed five beeves and put them on board. The hands are employed in winnowing oats and thrashing weat. Sent in ninety-six bushels of oats to the Fort in the Wagon and two yoke of cattle.

Friday, November 12, 1858. Showery, sent twenty bushels of weat to the mill. The hands were thrashing oats and peas. Moved the sheep parks. The wagon returned from the Fort with a load of salt.

Saturday, November 13, 1858. Forenoon fine, the afternoon gloomy. The hands and teams were employed hauling weat from the floor of the new barn to the old barn. took round the Southwest stations rations. Simon and the horse cart took the Molock House rations. Greig arrived from Cowlitz , left the sheep at the Fort. Ninety six in now. Went to the Fort this evening by way of Siluhogwas and Ashland. Pointed out to Ross five head of cattle which he will drive on Monday from Ashland to the Fort.

Sunday. Fine. The Sastuc sheep are in at the fort to be tobacco dipped.

Monday, November 14, 1858. Showery. The hands were employed stowing grain in the barn and making ready for thrashing tomorrow, also we moved the sheep parks. Arrived out myself this afternoon from the Fort. Have to send two men on the county road tomorrow to work out Young and Barr's tax (road tax) by order of A. Burg, road commissioner. W. Greig employed here as overseer during my absence.

Tuesday, November 15, 1858. Gloomy, but no rain. Simon and Jack at work on the county road, the remaining hands were thrashing weat. One team was hauling straw under cover. Broke the cylinder of the thresher. Shall have to send it to Steilacoom to get repaired.

Wednesday, November 16, 1858. Fine. Sent forty bushels of weat to the mill by Legg., and the horse team, also sent by the same team the cylinder of the thresher to West, the blacksmith at Steilacoom City to get repaired. Legg remains at Steilacoom tonight and returns with the flour tomorrow. Kehova has been fixing up Greigs dwelling house. Greig and the hands are winnowing weat, repairing grain sacks, etc. Moved the Sheep parks.

Went to Siluhogwas and Ashland farms, sent Barr to the Fort with the Ox Wagon and a load of weat straw. Two hands are at work on the county road.

Thursday, November 17-18, 1858. Frosty foggy weather. Legg returned from the mill with a load of flour. The hands and the ox teams were employed cutting, hauling and barking logs for a hen house.

Sent word to Ross to go and hunt for two head of beef cattle lost from the Fort.

Friday, November 19, 1858. It was raining hard nearly all day. The hands and the teams were hauling logs and commenced raising a chicken house. Ross found the two missing cattle in the Squally bottom, but could not drive them. Dr. Tolmie was here today. The Indian Gang left off work. Legg took thirty-eight bushels of weat to the mill, for Fort use, and brought home the thresher, repaired.

Saturday, November 20, 1858. Showery. Ross and Rabasca drove to the Fort the two stray oxen. Legg took round rations, (monthly) to the west stations, Alick delivered the Molock rations in the horse cart. The hands here were chopping firewood, the Indians Simon and Jack have gone, with my permission, to an Indian agency meeting at Puyallup. Received a visit from a party of ladies and officers from the Garrison.

Sunday, November 21, 1858. Slight shower of rain.

Monday, Nomember 22, 1858. Gloomy, but no rain. Myself, Legg with the horse wagon and Barr with the ox wagon went to McPhails and brought away one hundred eighty bushels of oats as payment for his indebtedness to the Company. Greig and Kehova are putting boards to dry above the carpenter's shop, chopping firewood, etc. Rabasca is hunting for a stray Fort horse.

Tuesday, November 23, 1858. Heavy showers, I sent one hundred fifty bushels of oats from McPhail to the Fort by two teams, Legg and Barr driving. Kehova is making alterations in the Stable, Greig is clearing out the storehouse, etc. Rabasca is looking for a stray horse but couldn't find him.

Wednesday, November 24, 1858. Showery. In the forenoon, Rabasca and Jack moved sheep parks. Legg and Kehova are raising the hen house. Barr is hauling tobacco for dipping the rams in the pasture. Cooper brought word that McCaw's thresher would be at Sastuc tomorrow (I had agreed with them to thresh the Sastuc grain). After dinner I sent the Legg with the horse team, Barr with the ox wagon, and Rabasca with an ox wagon (three wagons in all), Kehova,and boy Jack, to Sastuc to be in readiness for threshing tomorrow. Sent Ross to cart the weat to the mill, directly threshed. Sent word to Ross and Couri to be at Sastuc tomorrow. Sent Greig to see how the work is getting on at Sastuc and Molock house. It was all right in both places.

Thursday, November 25, 1858. It rained hard all last night and in the fore part of the morning. I went myself this morning to Sastuc. Had an idle day of it there. The thresher did not come in time to thresh today. Commence early tomorrow. Greig was variously employed here, returned myself this evening. 

All hands and teams will stay tonight at Sastuc.

Friday, November 26, 1858. Fine weather all day, went to Sastuc, McCaws thresher put through all the grain at Sastuc. The crop turned out poor. There was weat, one hundred thirty bushels, Oats, one hundred seventy three. The wagon and hands will stay at Sastuc tonight, to take the weat to the mill and house the straw tomorrow. Came home myself this evening. Greig moved Sheep parks, etc. The English Boar pig has severely bitten the ox "Charley," the pig seems to be mad.

Saturday, November 27, 1858. Showery weather. The hands returned from Sastuc in the horse wagon. Left the ox teams at Sastuc. The hands returned again on Monday to haul away the oats. They hauled all the weat to Byrd's mill today. Shot the English boar, a very inferior looking pig.

Sunday, November 28, 1858. Showery weather.

Monday, November 29, 1858. Showery, Legg hauled to this place from Sastuc fifty-three bushels of oats, Barr and Rabasca hauled each a wagon load of oats to the Fort from Sastuc. Greig and Kehova are at work at the fowl house. Simon with the horse and cart are hauling firewood.- Jack moved the sheep parks, etc. Went to Siluhogwas and Ashland, ordered Couri to commence building a shed at Ashland. I went Lagace and Ross to the Fort with three head of beef cattle from Ashland.

Tuesday. November 30, 1858. Showery with sleet. Two ox wagons returned from the Fort bringing each a load of clay. Legg with the Horse wagon was hauling straw from the barn to the stable. Greig and Kehova are making alterations in the horse stable. The Sastuc band of ewes is here tonight.


Wednesday, December 1, 1858. It was cold all day and in the evening wind north and frosty. All hands at Ashland are raising posts for a shed barn. Moved Barr to Tu-chat-chee, he is to take the band of sheep there. No white man has been living at Tu-chat-chee since September. Indians Seurightrool & Tikakynum have had charge of the sheep at Tu-chat-chee since September last. 

Seurightrool comes here to work as an ox driver. Sent the Tu-chat-chee band of wethers to the Fort to be dipped in tobacco water. Went to Siluhogwas, Ashland, and Tu-chat-chee. Doctor Tolmie was here today. Paid off the Indian gang.

Thursday, December 2, 1858. A very hard frost, cold north wind. Picked three hundred old ewes from the Sastuc band (Merinos) and sent them to the Fort for mutton sheep. Put the rams with the balance of the Sastuc ewes (five hundred eleven), and sent them home. The ram band is here today. Afternoon the hands and oxen are cutting and hauling fire logs. Sent an Indian with a wagon and yoke of cattle to stay for a day or two at Molock house, to haul logs for finishing the stable there. The gimmer ewes which have been grazing at the Fort were today sent out to park at the Red House Mound.

Friday, December 3, 1858. Freezing weather. Wind, north, one half inches of snow. Rabasca with oxen hauling fire logs. Keaveahaccow and Legg are roofing the fowl house. Sent Greig to arrange with Deschamps to make cedar boards. He agrees to make four thousand for twelve dollars per, paid in goods. I sent the cart to the fort for supplies.

Saturday, December 4, 1858. Freezing weather. Kehova finished the hen house. Rabasca moved sheep parks, Seff took round the southwest rations. I sent Simon to take A. Wallace's place, herding cattle at Ashland. A. Wallace stays here. Four head of cattle were brought here from Mr. Roberts of Cowlitz. Some arrangement had been made by Roberts with Doctor Tolmie last summer regarding some cattle. I receipted for same. Narafoe Ferron and Bonaparte Plomondeau brought the cattle.

Sunday, December 5, 1858. The weather is still severe. The river in places is frozen over.

Monday, December 6, 1858. Extremely cold. Wind from the north. Ross and A. Wallace took two of the Roberts oxen to the Fort. The hands were employed in carrying straw from the barn to the stable and closing in with boards the new ox shed adjoining the horse stable.

Tuesday, December 7, 1858. No changed in the weather. The hands were thrashing weat. Couri and Ross were employed at thrashing.

Wednesday, December 8, 1858. It is still freezing. Hands in the forenoon were cleaning weat that was thrashed yesterday. Seu-right-rool took an ox wagon load of weat straw to the Fort. Legg took fortythree bushels of weat the mill. In the afternoon the hands were employed at the new ox shed, hauling firewood, and moved the sheep park. The team returned from Molock house.

Thursday, December 9, 1858. There was a change in the weather, raining all day. Sent an ox wagon and two men to Deschamps for a load of cedar boards for roofing the barn at Ashland, the hands were employed here finishing the ox shed, putting the thrashing machine on the wagon to go to Silugowas tomorrow, cutting firewood.

Friday, December 10, 1858. There was rain all day. The hands went with the thrashing machine to Silugowas farm, went myself. Set up the machine in ready for the threshing on Monday. Kehova and Tapou will stay at Couris till tomorrow afternoon making a shed over. Four hands arrived from the Fort to assist at threshing, the horse wagon also. The Fort Hands came to Muck this evening. Heard today that H. L. Smith had accidently shot himself dead. Greig and the Cook moved the sheep park. Legg took twenty bushels of weat to the mill and brought home the flour from the forty-three bushels sent to the mill on Wednesday last. I counted the cattle at Ashland and found them all correct.

Saturday, December 11, 1858. Showers of sleet during the day, and snow in the evening. Sent around rations to all the stations, moved the sheep park, hauled and cut firelogs. Myself and Greig attended H. L. Smith's funeral.

Sunday, December 12, 1858. A slight frost last night. It commenced snowing at midday, and by evening there was three inches of snow on the ground. Bed straw to the stock in the pasture.

Monday, December 13, 1858. Snowing all day. The evening it was raining. The hands and teams went to Silugowas this morning and commenced threshing weat. Went myself to Ashland. Greig and one Indian killed one of the Roberts steers, a yearling, weighed two hundred forty three pounds.

Tuesday, December 14, 1858. Slight showers of rain, the snow is nearly all disappeared. Hands are at Silugowas, there myself. Greig is at home, and moved the sheep park.

Wednesday, December 15, 1858. Showery, warm weather. Winnowing weat at Silugowas and moving straw into the barn. Broke the fanners of the winnower, half a day lost in mending it. The hands during the time were moved the straw. I sent thirty bushels of weat to the Fort. Greig moved a potato pit to the house. Old Mr. McLeod is very sick, seems to be in a dying state. Legs and arm are useless.

Thursday, December 16, 1858. Mild weather. Hands at Silugowas sent a ox wagon load of weat to the fort, seventy bushels. I went to Kul-kul-eh.

Friday, December 17, 1858. Heavy squalls of wind and rain. I sent Greig to Silugowas. Sent ninety-eight bushels of weat to the Fort from Couris. I sent round the monthly rations to the Southwestern stations.

Saturday, December 18, 1858. Fine, no rain. The hands returned from Silugowas, not finished the threshing in that place, having to stop threshing to clean up every now and then, and stacking the straw makes it a long operation. Sent the cart with rations to Molock house.

Sunday, December 19, 1858. Showery. Went to the Fort today. Returned in the evening.

Monday, December 20, 1858. There were heavy showers of rain. The hands started early this morning to go to Silugowas to finish the threshing. Greig and two Indians moved George's sheep park and made a new park for the Red House Mound band of sheep which band I intend keeping here for a short time to manure the land. They arrived tonight. I am keeping in the ox "Charley" (who was severely bitten by the English boar and very much reduced in consequence) and feeding him up to kill. I am feeding him on garden stuff.

Tuesday, December 21, 1858. Shower, squally weather. Went to Silugowas, Ashland and Kul-kul-eh. The hands at Couris have finished threshing all but the stack. Couldn't move that on account of the bad weather. The hands were employed hauling straw at Couris and roofing a shed a Ashland. Greig and the hands moved two sheep parks and carried four cart loads of weat straw from the barn to the ox shed. I engaged a Kanaka boy named "Konochouri" to herd sheep with Kahamin at twenty five pounds per annum.

Wednesday, December 22, 1858. Fine weather, went to Silugowas. Carried in the stack and commenced threshing the same. The stack is a little damaged by the rain. The hands at Muck moved the sheep parks and picking over a few frosted potatoes.

Thursday, December 23, 1858. A strong gale of wind last night from the south west--a good deal of fencing blown down. The hands here are employed putting up fencing.. Killed a stye hog (Ginger) weighed two hundred ninety five pounds and a two year old ox from Roberts which weighed three hundred sixty eight pounds. I went to Silugowas and Ashland. The hands at Couris (Silugowas) winnowed forty bushel of weat of that stacked outside which is rather damp. I had it hauled here and spread out on the barn floor today. Couldn't go on with the threshing today. One of the horses lost a shoe. Legg took him to Steilacoom to get reshod. The threshing hands were employed at Ashland altering a shed. I sent the cart to the Fort for necessaries. 

Friday, December 24, 1858. Fine mild weather. Sent round rations and Christmas regal to the white men and Kanakas, the following for a regal: three lbs sugar, five pounds flour, one half pound tea, six pounds pork and one gull of Apples. To the Indians four pounds of flour, two pounds sugar, and five pounds of beef extra. Moved two sheep parks. Forty bushels of weat were brought here from Silugowas. I went to the Fort by Silugowas.

Saturday, December 25, 1858. Christmas day. Fine, mild weather. The sun was shining all day. Sent M. McLeod to the Fort in the cart to stay there.

Sunday, December 26, 1858. Fine.

Monday, December 27, 1858. Showery. Came out from the Fort this morning . The hands at home are just recovering from a drunk. The hands and the teams were away early this morning for Silugowas. Moved the sheep parks.

Tuesday, December 28, 1858. Fine. The hands are here (at Muck). Moved the sheep park, cut firewood and hauled in potatoes from Pot.

Went to Silugowas and finishing threshing there. I hauled the machine to Ashland and hauled all the weat from Silugowas to Muck--sixty four bushels. The entire crop at Silugowas threshed out 460 bushels of weat. A portion of the stocks was spoiled by the wet.

Wednesday, December 29, 1858. Fine. Threshed the stack of oats at Ashland. About one fourth of the stack is much damaged by rain. The hands at home moved sheep parks and are cutting firewood. Sent three beeves from Ashland to the Fort.

Thursday, December 30, 1858. Shower. Cleaned oats at Ashland, one hundred twenty bushels. Moved the machine to Kul-kul-eh. Threshed all the crop in about two hours. The hands at home moved the sheep park and are digging parsnips. Greig on the spree, has been drinking all the week.

Friday, December 31, 1858. Showery. The hands finished at Kul-kuleh. Came home with the machine, etc. Went to the Fort this evening myself.


Saturday, January 1, 1859. Heavy showers of rain during the day. 

Sunday, January 2, 1859.Showery.

Monday, January 3, 1859. Squally weather. The hands started with the threshing machine to Molock house. Came out myself this afternoon, returned to the Fort this evening, sent some dry oak to the Fort by the Horse Cart. Directed Chambfoux to make some repairs for the threshing machine and horse wagon.

Tuesday, January 4, 1859. Forenoon was frosty, fine sunny weather all day. Came out by Kul-kul-eh, Ashland and Silugowas. The pure bred ewes in charge of Couri at Silugowas have commenced lambing. The hands at Muck moved Sheep parks, etc. On Monday last, I sent the two stallions to be shod by West at Steilacoom City.

Wednesday, January 5, 1859. Frosty, but fine all day. Went to Molock Farm. The threshing is going on well. Young and Kalama have lately erected a log stable and store house adjoining the barn at Molock farm. The cattle are all right there. Took the rams from Daniell's and Kahannun's flocks of ewes. Seu-right-rool with one yoke of cattle is hauling firewood.

Thursday, January 6, 1859. Very frosty but the sun was out all day. Legg has gone to the Fort with the horse wagon, he is to fetch a ram from D. Chambers, lately purchased by Doctor Tolmie. Greig has gone to Molock farm, to take Leggs place at threshing.

Friday, January 7, 1859. Very cold, freezing all day. Legg arrived this evening with a ram from D. Chambers. Had the weat brought from Molock House, seventy-five bushels. Sent three ploughs and harness to Molock House.

Saturday, January 8, 1859. Freezing weather. Legg took thirty bushels of weat to the Mill to be ground and brought back flour. Sam (cook) took round the southwest stations rations in the horse cart. Simon with the ox team is hauling straw from the barn to the stable. Went to the Fort this evening, Greig in charge.

Sunday, January 9, 1859. No change in the weather.

Monday, January 10, 1859. The weather is the same. The hands at Molock house are threshing. Simon with the ox team is hauling oats from Molock House. Sent Alick Napahy with the horse cart. Went to the Fort with two H B ploughs and a lot of swingle trees to get repaired.

Tuesday, January 11, 1859. The weather has changed, it rained last night, fine all day. Went to Silugowas. The pure bred ewes are lambing slowly, lost five lambs - A load of oats came from Molock farm. Dr. Tolmie and family came out today. Alick returned with the ploughs and swingle trees repaired.

Wednesday, January 12, 1859. Heavy rain and sleet all day. Simon fetched a load (ox) of oats from Molock farm, one hundred two bushels. Moved two sheep parks. Ross is here looking up the milch cows. The Sastuc ewes are here tonight.

Thursday. January 13, 1859. Frosty morning, fine all day. Went to Molock house. They finished threshing oats this evening. Two loads of Oats came from Molock farm. Ross fetched a milch cow from the Fort for use here.

Friday, January 14, 1859. Raining hard all day. Sent twenty bushels of weat to the mill, a load of oats from Molock farm arrived. We moved the sheep park. The hands have finished the threshing and cleaning at Molock Farm.

Saturday, January 15, 1859. Fine. The hands are home from Molock farm. Left the thresher at Wilsons, whose grain I have agreed to thresh. Legg returned from the Mill with flour. The wagon I yesterday sent to the Mill with weat, did not arrive there, the Horses gave out, Canadia and Ball. Legg started early this morning with the two stallions and took the weat to the Mill. Jack took round rations in the cart (monthly). Moved the sheep park. I went to Molock farm.

Sunday, January 16, 1859. Gloomy weather.

Monday, January 17, 1859. Heavy showers of rain. The hands were with the machine at Wilsons threshing. Sent two hands, A. Wallace and Jack to Molock farm to commence ploughing. Simon in hauling a load of oats from Molock farm, broke the ox wagon. Rabasca hauled a horse wagon load of oats from Molock farm. One plough at Molock is here. Went to Silugowas and Ashland. Sent Ross and Legace with three beeves to the Fort. The pure bred ewes are lambing fast at Silugowas. Three have died as yet. Old Murdock McLeod died at the Fort on Sunday last. Went to Wilsons this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 18, 1859. Heavy wind and rain. A load of oats came from Molock farm. A strange sow pig broke into the shed at Silugowas and killed four of the pure bred lambs. Engaged the Indian Snakal as a ploughman. I sent the cart to the Fort for the plough and harrows belonging to this place. The hands were employed in moving a sheep park and digging a water lead from the river to the reservoir. There are some cattle missing from Ashland.

Wednesday, January 19, 1859. Fine. The hands were employed in fixing the wagon, moving sheep parks, etc. The hands are not yet finished threshing at Wilsons. Ross is here today, drove up wild horses. A Mr. Allord is here tonight from the Fort, wants to buy sheep.

Thursday, January 20, 1859. Fine, slightly frosty. Kehova is preparing boards for flooring the house near the stable to use as a storehouse. This evening the threshing machine returned from Wilsons. Left Barr at Wilsons to assist in winnowing. Sent Simon for an ox load of oat straw to Elk Plain, Went to the Fort today.

Friday, January 21, 1859. Gloomy weather. Came out from the Fort by Kul-kul-eh, Ashland, Tu-chat-chee and Silugowas. The lambs at Silugowas are coming fast. The hands were employed the same as yesterday.

Saturday, January 22, 1859. Fine. The hands were employed variously. Went to the Fort this evening.

Sunday, January 23, 1859. Fine.

Monday. January 24, 1859. Fine weather. Kehova is planing boards for flooring the house adjoining the stable. One plough is at work. Legg and the Indians are breaking horses to the plough. Simon fetched an ox wagon load of oats from Elk plain. Moved two sheep parks.

Tuesday, January 26, 1859. Gloomy all day, in the evening, rain. Sent an Indian to commence ploughing at Ashland. Sent Leggto Steilacoom to get the threshing machine repaired. Took also twenty bushels of weat to the mill. Kehova laid up sick. Ox wagon is gone to Molock House for a load of oats. The hands here are variously employed. Went to Ashland and Silugowas.

Wednesday, January 26, 1859. Showery. Went to Elk Plain Farm.  Ploughing getting on well there. Three new squatters are on Elk Plain. The hands are employed variously. Went to the Fort this evening.

Thursday, January 27, 1859. Snowing and raining all day. Came out from the Fort. The hands are threshing out weat. The oxen are hauling firewood.

Friday. January 28, 1859. Showery. Two ploughs going. Threshing weat with the machine. Having only one set of horses, the other pair is ploughing at Elk Plain. Thresh only half of the day. Winnow up in the afternoon. Moved two sheep parks. Oxen fetched two loads. The cedar boards from Deschamps, Squally river are here.


Monday, February 7, 1859. Fine weather. Have been at the Fort since Saturday last. Shipped to Victoria by the “Otter” fifty head of cattle from the Ashland band and one hundred eighteen sheep from the Mutton band at the Fort on account of Mr. Thorne of the Constance Cove Farm. The hands here have been employed threshing weat, ploughing, etc. The purebred ewes on the pasture have commenced lambing. We commenced sowing weat today.

Tuesday, February 8, 1859. Forenoon frosty, afternoon snowing slightly. The hands are employed in making a park near the stable, ploughing and harrowing in weat. Went to Molock farm, Tu-chat-chee, Ashland, and Silugowas. The ploughing and seeding is going on well at Molock farm. Kalama with an ox wagon is employed in moving fencing. Couri has commenced ploughing at Silugowas with oxen. The ploughman at Ashland is getting along slowly. Two of the Ashland ewes are missing.

Wednesday, February 9, 1859. Hard frost this morning, fine all day, frosty night. The hands are at the park near the stable, hauling firewood, harrowing in weat. Sent two horse wagon loads of weat to the mill. The wagons brough home flour. The Indian boy Kunn-arnuluhan, shepherd at Tu-chat-chee has confessed to having killed a tame ox in the Red Pines. I have not been able to find to whom the ox belonged. The ox was killed a week or more ago and one half of the carcass was found by the Indian William.

There was no brand on the half left. Kunn-arnu-luhan says the ox ran after him and he shot in self defence. He at first denied having done so. Went to the shop at Red House Hill and at Ku-chat-chee. Dr. Tolmie was here today.

Thursday, February 10, 1859. Forenoon frosty, afternoon wind and raining looking. Kehova and Tapon are making gates for the new parks. Two harrows are working. Legg fetched a horse wagon load of straw from Molock Farm. The oxen are hauling rails from Spanaway (Greig's old place). Engaged a man named Williamson (Irish) at ten dollars per month. The pure bred ewes in the field are lambing and have lost lambs in consequence of the late severe weather. Visited the place where the Indian boy killed the ox and could not fine anything to recognize the animal's owner. Sent the cart to the Fort with weat.

Friday, February 11, 1859. Fine all day. Kehova and Tapon are at the park gates. Legg went to Elk farm to assist in sowing weat. Myself and Greig sowed some of the weat at this place. Two ox teams are hauling rails from Spanaway. A. Wallace with stallions hauled a load of straw from Elk Plain. Counted the Tu-chat-chee sheep. Two harrows are at work here. The cart returned from the Fort with beef, etc.

Saturday, February 12, 1859. Fine spring like weather. The hands are making park gates, harrowing in the weat, making a good road across the bridge to the Barn. I sent around rations and went to the Fort this evening.

Sunday, February 13, 1859. Fine weather.

Tuesday, February 15, 1859. Cold, showers of snow (during the day and the evening was freezing. The hands are cutting firewood, taking out gate posts and pickets to the old parks in front of the barns. Keaveahaccow and Tapon are making feeding boxes for the ox shed. The oxen are hauling firewood, the ploughs are not going on account of the weather. I joined the Ashland cattle with those at Kul-kul-eh it being impossible to keep the two bands separate. Lagace is to be employed about the Kul-kul-eh band. I sent Ross on the road to Cowlitz to hunt up the missing beef cattle. This cold weather is very hard on the breeding ewes, and several lambs have died.

Wednesday, February 16, 1859. Heavy showers of sleet, the evening was mild. Legg took weat to the mill and brought home flour. A horse wagon load of straw came from Molock House. The oxen are hauling firewood. The Kanakas and Indians are making a large park near the stable. I sent the Horse Cart to the Fort for beef, etc. The wether lambs are here tonight.

Thursday, February 17, 1859. Fog in the morning and the evening was frosty. The snow has not yet disappeared. I picked out three hundred of the best sheep from the wether lamb band and joined them with the band at Red House Hill. We fetched two loads of straw from Molock Farm and two loads of rails from Spanaway, no ploughing, too much snow. The hands in the forenoon were sorting sheep and in the afternoon were employed at the corrals near the stable. This is severe weather for the lambs. Nine have died since the bad weather commenced.

Friday, February 18, 1859. Frosty morning. The afternoon brought a change with slight showers of rain. The snow has nearly all disappeared. The hands are employed at the new parks, we fetched two loads of rails from Spanaway, took in a potato pit. In the afternoon we sowed and harrowed in five bushels of weat. I went to Elk Plain farm, the work going on well there. Seventy bushels are weat are sown.

Saturday, February 19, 1859. Fine. The hands are sowing and harrowing weat. We finished the horse parks. I went to the Fort by way of Silugowas and Ashland.

Sunday, February 20, 1859. Rainy weather.

Monday, February 21, 1859. Fine. I came out accompanied by Mr. G. Roberts by way of Silugowas. At Muck we sowed and harrowed in five bushels of weat. The hands are clearing horse parks from stones, etc. The oxen are hauling logs for building a shed to the north side of the stable. Sent Legg with the horse wagon to the Fort to stay a day or two.

February 22, 1859. Tuesday. The forenoon was frosty, the evening rain came from the southwest. Sold Mr. Roberts 100 sheep from the South Down and Leicester Ewes from the Silugowas band at three dollars each.

Branded a lot of yearling horses. Ross and Simon drove in a large band this evening. Keaveahaccow and Tapon commenced flooring the house in the stable yard for a temporary granary. I sent an ox load of straw to the Fort. The Indians and Williamson are assisting at branding horses and working in the garden.

Wednesday, February 23, 1859. Squally rainy weather. Keavehaccow and Tapou are fixing feeding troughs in the ox shed. Legg returned from the Fort with the wagon. We sowed four bushels of weat and had two harrows at work. Ross and Simon drove up a lot of horses. A Mr. Sergeant was here to buy sheep. I sent word to Couri to send the Down band of ewes here early tomorrow.

Thursday, February 24, 1859. One inch of snow is on the ground this morning. It was snowing and raining all day. Sold Mr. Sergeant fifty cross breed ewes and Leicester ewes at $8.00 each. We branded a lot of colts and also a number of horses. We sowed six bushels of weat. The oxen are hauling rails from Spanaway.

Friday, February 25, 1859. Squally ugly weather. Keavehaccow and Tapou are flooring the new house adjoining the stable (Grain house). We finished sowing the weat at this place and at Elk Farm. Ninety six bushels at the latter place and thirty-nine at this place. A band of mares in, branding the yearlings. The ox wagon fetched straw from Elk farm, brought away two ploughs and harrows, one man and plough was left at Elk farm to prepare for Oats. I sent the cart to the Fort for beef, etc.

Saturday, February 26, 1859. Showery. Three ploughs at work here to day ploughing up the gravelly land in the lower field for oats and timothy for a pasture in the Summer. Legg sowed and harrowed in six bushels of oats for green feed. Keavehaccow and Tapou are at the new grain house. The oxen hauled a load of rails from Spanaway. The cart took round rations. I went to the Fort this evening.

Sunday, February 27, 1859. Stormy weather.

Monday, February 28, 1859. Squally weather. Three teams and the harrows went to Ashland where Legg sowed twenty-five bushels of weat with the men and the teams returning in the evening.

Hatlal with one harrow is to finish harrowing at Ashland. The Kanakas are at the new grannary. The oxen are hauling rails from Spanaway. The Boundary Commission have determined on purchasing our young horses (thirty six is the number required) at eighty dollars each. One of their men, a Mexican named Jose Maria Sanchez came out today to break the horses to pack, etc. He has brought pack saddles, etc.